vegan fandom war: guacamole vs hummus

writing while im in the bath. yo.

im having one of those crazy everything is possible moments where i have so many ideas and want to write them all down

its good because usually its everything is shit moments and i have no inspiration

i fell down the stairs yesterday and really hurt my ass, its hard for me to move about and get up and down i have to do everything really sloooowly

anyway, positive things

- i am only a matter of days/words away from handing in my dissertation, and i thought initially it would be really boring but ive enjoyed doing it so much
- im going on holiday in july with craig and its our first holiday together so it will either be good or we might murder each other but yolo
- ive gotten into sewing lately and i have loads of ideas of clothes i want to make 
- craig is making a website and sometimes he asks me for my opinion and advice and im just excited for it to launch now
- i get to spend time with my gal pals very soon
- currently, in this exact moment, i am excited for things after uni. i dont know if im the only one but when i think of my life i think of it in sections. and im coming up to the end of my university section and usually im scared because no ones made a plan for me. but i feel like this is my first ‘test’ in a way, my first test to see if i can function like a normal person, and itll be a test for me to make my own life. so basically im just writing this for future me to remember that i can feel like this sometimes.

i feel like i havent been very nice to people lately. 
1) i still hate the way i treated my ex boyfriend. although i still think i made the right choice i wish i could have done something to let him know how much i appreciated everything
2) ive been spending more time at my parents house than at my house. and i feel like its not fair on my housemates because this is the last time ill see them for ages, if ever.
3) ive gone through a whole range of feelings towards *person*. at first i was really upset at being cut out. then i was just angry and said some mean things. then i felt sorry but don’t know if in really condescending way. then i got jealous til it made me sick. and now im sort of neutral and wondering if i treated her how she deserved to be treated. its difficult to determine where it stops being ‘old news’ and starts being a current issue. i suppose it sort of shows how time and thinking about stuff can change your feelings. the mind is weird.

thats all i have to say about that.


but goddamn terry richardson really is emblematic of how mediocre a white man can be but he’ll still be shielded from accusations of assault because of his ‘art’




Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland.

yup :)


craig this is the one i was telling you about

Titanic + Costume Porn


If you don’t like Pink Floyd then please don’t Speak To Me/Breathe


Four score and seven beers ago


Four score and seven beers ago

Managed to convert my ~hXc metalasfuck~ boyfriend to cherri bomb. QAPLAAA


when you hear somebody talking about one of your interests